Why I Choose Not to Gossip

“Did you hear what she said to her?”

“I can’t stand her, she’s so bratty.”

“I know, right? I’d never say something like that b–“

And here I’d thought we left the majority of cliques and drama behind after high school. But I guess if you’re in a group with seven other girls that see each other on an almost-daily basis, as my clinical group is this semester, everyone’s bound to get on everyone else’s nerves at some point.

So, why not join in?

1. It’s Unprofessional

Professors, other nurses, and your student colleagues are all watching you and passing judgement on what kind of a nurse you will be. Do you want to be seen as the nurse that talks down other members of the healthcare team when their backs are turned? (And when you could be doing any number of other, more productive things, like actually attending to your patient).

2. Future Colleagues

What happens when that one girl that did that one thing that one time that made you not be able to stand her ends up working with you after graduation? Isn’t it better to try to forge good working relationships, or at least tolerance, with those around you? And even if you don’t end up working together someday, you’re definitely going to work with someone like her at some point. Better to learn now how to deal with it and get along than to let that person or mannerism you can’t stand grind away at your emotions day after day.

3. The Receiving End

Chances are, we’ve all been at the receiving end of gossip at one point, and even if it doesn’t affect you emotionally, I think we can all agree it’s just not nice. And haven’t we all been a jerk at some point, or said something that seemed out of line, or not had the patience to take the time to help someone else?


I’m not saying I don’t go home and rant to my boyfriend, best friend, mom, etc about what so and so said or how so and so acted today. And if a nurse’s attitude gets in the way of my clinical experience, or a student says something really out of turn, I will take the issue to the appropriate personnel. But gossip on the clinical floor is inappropriate, and I will be keeping myself as far from demeaning chatter as I can this semester.


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