Why I Love Being a Nursing Student

I realized today, as I heard yet another student slam down their books and sigh “I hate nursing school,” that. . . I don’t hate nursing school. Actually, I am rather enjoying my experience as a whole.  So, for some positivity, I thought I would come up with my top 10 reasons I love being a nursing student.

10. Heath Literacy

I’m now able to advocate for my family at medical visits, understand medications and what they do, and, my favorite, understand exactly what is meant by some of the jargon on Grey’s Anatomy.

9. Self-Improvement

Thanks to learning all about the negative consequences of not taking care of my body, I find myself with renewed motivation to exercise, eat better, and sleep longer (when I can). Haven’t managed to reduce my caffeine intake, though.

8. Learning About the Human Body

Few things are as fascinating as how the human body works, how every part works in sync with every other part, so that by the time we think to move our hand, our hand has already moved.

7. Learning How to Care For People

There’s no better feeling than actually knowing the best priority action when someone’s finger is slammed in a car door.

6. Ability to One-Up Non-Nursing-Student Peers

8am class start? Try 6:30am for clinicals.

5. Ability to Gross Out Non-Nursing Student Peers

So you had to flush the toilet in the men’s bathroom? I washed the unmentionables of a catheterized man today.

4. Ability to Use Big Words With Non-Nursing Student Peers

“Hm, you seem to be experiencing a period of hypotension, which would explain your ataxia and diaphoresis.”


“Your blood pressure’s probably a bit low.”


3. Helping People

It’s amazing to have the chance to actually help people. I love the one-on-one time we are able to give our clinical patients as nursing students. It can mean so much to someone just to have a student sit down and talk with them or offer to comb their hair. I wish more of my colleagues realized that nursing school is such an opportunity to give our precious time to the patients, time nurses often don’t have enough of.

2. Nurses’ Stories

Nothing sticks a concept into my head better than one of the funny/shocking/seeminly- unreal anecdotes from my professors.

1. One Day, I Will Be a Nurse

Yes, I have practiced signing my name, RN.


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